With the authorisation of its lead product, Voke 0.45mg Inhaler, the first pulmonary nicotine delivery technology authorised by the UK Medicines Health and Regulatory Agency. Kind Consumer is an emerging leader in the field of novel nicotine replacement technologies.

Evidence of the harm that tobacco causes is compelling. Smoking causes or at least contributes to various types of cancer, most notably of the lungs, heart disease, arterial deterioration, and an assortment of other maladies1,2. At Kind Consumer we believe we can pioneer pulmonary harm reduction products which can eliminate smoker-related diseases. Kind Consumer has spent almost a decade researching, and thousands of hours developing products and techniques that aim to remove the harm from smoking and provide a safer alternative to smoking. Kind Consumer now has a product that is currently authorised in the UK, and plan now to extend applications into other key regulatory agencies across the world.

Kind Consumer is a leader in the field of miniaturised breath-operated valve technologies.

Through its platform technology Oxette®, Kind Consumer has developed what we consider to be the world's smallest breath-operated valve technology, which functions at some of the lowest inspiratory flow rates possible. The platform technology has potential applications in a variety of therapeutic indications including the field of respiratory drug delivery for example asthma and COPD.

Kind Consumer has spent a decade optimising the delivery of HFA based formulations through its miniature breath operated valve delivery systems. Using proprietary formulation carriers and optimised fine droplet sizing, Kind Consumer continues to use its platform technology to innovate into new fields.


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