Voke® nicotine inhaler licence - variation granted by MHRA

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Consort Medical plc (LSE: CSRT) ("Consort", "Consort Medical" or the "Group"), a leading, global single source drug and delivery company, can confirm that the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has granted Kind Consumer the variation to the first Marketing Authorisation awarded to the Voke® nicotine inhaler, the subject of Bespak's development programme DEV200.

The first Marketing Authorisation for the Voke® nicotine inhaler was received in September 2014. Nicovations, a wholly owned subsidiary of British American Tobacco plc, is Consort's customer for this programme and will commercialise the product.

As previously announced, the production facilities which will house the Voke® production line, are in place at Bespak in King's Lynn. Consort continues to work closely with Nicovations to complete scale up for full commercialisation, details of which will be announced by Nicovations at the appropriate time.



Voke® is an innovative nicotine inhalation device for smokers. Voke® involves no heat or combustion, and so produces no ash or smoke. It also requires no battery or other energy source, it is activated simply by the user inhaling.

Voke® was developed by Kind Consumer Limited.

Voke® will be commercialised by Nicovations, a wholly owned subsidiary of British American Tobacco plc. 




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