‘EVO® is an advanced portable delivery technology for respiratory drug delivery using high density vapour performance. It is currently in an experimental research and development phase with a view to adoption into a commercialisation programme post development trials.’

EVO® is a next generation delivery technology which combines world first technology with the core of the Oxette® core platform to provide potential delivery for high density vapour in the form of fine droplet nebulisation. Containing both HFA systems technologies and electronic capacitor componentry using an Epressure® system, EVO® promises to bring new performance attributes to markets where conventional vapour technologies fail to provide delivery advances. Highly efficient and portable, EVO® capitalises on many of the breakthroughs on previous product development, and uses them to deliver optimal performance selection and large reservoir density delivery, going far beyond conventional possibilities of metered dose and nebulisation technologies. Current specifications promise:

  • Formulation cartridges that are lower cost in a patented system with minimum refill of 20 sticks
  • Simultaneously refills and recharges from reservoir dose pack in under 5 seconds
  • Excellent GC-MS profile for impurities and particulates
  • Consistent Dose control with tunability
  • High Respirable Fine Particle Fraction with higher exhalable particle range for vapour density


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