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Oxette ® Platform Technology

‘Oxette® is the technology platform that enables candidate selection for respiratory drug delivery and other platforms.'

Kind Consumer has a number of programmes using Oxette® technology in a development pipeline which have a wide variety of therapeutics areas, using known active pharmaceuticals and new chemical entities.The core Oxette® breath-operated valve technology is a proven means of pulmonary drug delivery – and is being applied to the delivery of pharmaceuticals other than nicotine.

'Under active collaboration, Kind continues to explore new products under the Oxette® technology. Pipeline candidates are comprised of novel formulations coupled with bespoke inhaled engineering that seeks to optimise the delivery of therapeutic actives.’ 

The proprietary Oxette® technology is being tailored to provide a new pipeline that promises:

  • What Kind Consumer believes is a more effective route of delivery with higher fine particle dose delivery
  • Single-shot therapeutic compounds for ultra-rapid delivery for acute onset conditions.
  • Multi-dose therapeutic compounds with large respirable dose reservoir volumes
  • Intended collaboration with patent holders.


For more information, please see Contact Us for business development and licensing opportunities in particular fields, as well as requests for technology information packs including product performance characteristics