Polykind ™

‘POLYKIND™ is a patented bioprocess that converts waste plant tobacco biomass into pharmaceutical grade nicotine and ethanol/ethylene. It is designed to provide an economic alternative for tobacco farmers who currently supply combustible tobacco leaf to the tobacco smoking markets. The technology is able to be licensed from Kind Consumer on a non-exclusive basis.’

PolyKind™ proprietary biochemical and biorefinery processes start with using residual material from tobacco plants or waste plants via an extraction technique. The process is used to extract nicotine and ethanol/ethylene that can be utilised as the building blocks for fuel and bioplastics. This not only offers new enhanced economic output for the tobacco crop, it is also an environmentally efficient use of land and resource which is divergent from combustible tobacco.

  • Intellectual Property for PolyKind™ is on the use of plant crop as feedstock for plastics production.
  • ​A range of suitable product streams could include active pharmaceutical nicotine as well as biofuel and consumer based packaging.

Plant-derived biomass is a valuable renewable resource and can be used to produce organic molecules, such as ethanol or ‘bioethanol’. These can be used as biofuels or used as precursors to produce materials such as bioplastics and products made therefrom. Tobacco is perfectly suited as a candidate for production due to its high lignocellulosic content, comparable to corn and sugarcane. The cellulose and hemicellulose fractions of this material can be hydrolysed to sugars, such as glucose and xylose, which can then be converted to ethanol by fermentation.

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