Research & Development

Research & Development

“Research and development at Kind Consumer continues to operate in many areas, with particular emphasis on breath-activated delivery of pharmaceuticals.” “Kind Consumer’s philosophy throughout the development phase of the technology has been to incorporate the key principles of traditional pharmaceutical development (safety, quality and efficacy) with more consumer-centred principles around lifestyle integration and ritual.”

Nicotine Delivery – Voke®

The driving principles behind the development of the technology have been to understand and replicate the physiological, lifestyle and ritualistic aspects of cigarette smoking.

Kind Consumer’s licensed medicine Voke® 0.45mg Inhaler is a proprietary device and refill pack designed to simulate the smoking experience, relieve and prevent craving and provide a safer alternative to smoking.

  • The Kind nicotine delivery system differentiates itself from other products within the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (‘NRT’) space, such as, nicotine inhalers, gums or nasal sprays, through its proprietary breath activation system and design.
  • In comparison with existing unlicensed nicotine delivery devices, the Kind nicotine delivery system has been designed to comply with the relevant medical device and medicinal product regulations.
  • Design intent of the product is to relieve and prevent craving through replacing the chemical, physiological and psychological sensations of cigarette smoking.
  • Kind fully owns its intellectual property and has a broad circumference of patents protecting its key innovations internationally.
  • The technology was evaluated during clinical testing as a regulated medicinal product as well as in a consumer acceptance study.

Inhaled Therapeutics – Oxette®

“Kind’s core breath-operated valve technology is a proven means of pulmonary drug delivery – and research into applications for delivery of pharmaceuticals other than nicotine are underway.”

Kind is researching methods where inhalational delivery can be used as an improved, more effective route of delivery for a variety of existing drugs using Kind’s proprietary platform technology. These include but are not limited to experimental research and development programmes which include:

  • Single-shot therapeutic compounds for ultra-rapid delivery for acute onset conditions.
  • Applications of its inhalation technologies to existing generic drugs and to proprietary drugs with intended collaboration with patent holders.
  • Experimental research of breath-activated inhalable vaccines for use against airborne diseases