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Introducing Voke

The next generation cigarette substitute for smokers

You won't have seen anything quite like Voke.

It is a pressurised nicotine inhaler designed specifically with smokers in mind to help relieve your cravings so you can cut down, replace or stop smoking altogether.

Voke is the first device which looks and feels like a cigarette to be licensed by the Department of Health as a safer alternative to smoking.

About Voke

Kind Development

Quality assured, rigorously tested & medically licensed

Kind Consumer has spent many years of research and development to create a device with a revolutionary nicotine inhalation system.

Voke 0.45mg Inhaler delivers pharmaceutical grade nicotine straight into the lungs in the same way a traditional cigarette does and therefore providing craving relief for those trying to reduce or find an alternative to smoking.

The driving principles behind the development of the technology have been to understand and replicate the physiological, lifestyle and ritualistic aspects of cigarette smoking. You can use Voke® as you would a cigarette and inhale as much as desired*.

Kind fully owns its intellectual property and has a broad circumference of patents and designs protecting its key innovations internationally.

(*Dosage: Adults aged over 18 years: as needed; up to a maximum of 2 full packs per day. )

About Development

Kind People

The dedication and insight of our team is what makes our company

We have a great team developing Voke including Supply Chain Specialists, IP experts, Project, Quality and Pharmaceutical Managers that have a proven track record in developing and obtaining regulatory approval for pharmaceutical products.

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