About Kind

We are Kind Consumer.
a pioneering healthcare research and development company, specialising in respiratory drug delivery and tobacco harm reduction

Kind Consumer is a healthcare research and development company focused on inhalation technologies.

An example of our innovative work is our pioneering, novel inhalation device that is designed to combat the significant health problems of tobacco harm and tobacco dependence.

Our Mission

To Deliver

To provide industry disruptive innovation for a safer alternative to smoking.

The mission at Kind Consumer is to pioneer new technologies to improve public health and address some of the most significant global healthcare challenges in the 21st century. We realise that in order to achieve meaningful success, problems must be tackled head on and with rigour.

To Save Lives

We will make the daunting process of quitting smoking more attainable.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a nicotine inhaler authorised for the treatment of those seeking to cut down and stop smoking.

To Shape the Future

We want to create novel technologies for next generation breakthroughs

At Kind Consumer, many of our team, investors and partners believe that significant progress can be made through new technologies and scientific breakthroughs to improve public health. In order to achieve this, Kind works with a range of stakeholders, organisations and regulators to make sure our products are thoroughly assessed for quality, safety and efficacy.

Our People

The dedication and insight of our team is what makes our company.



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