Kind Consumer Holdings Ltd Chief Executive Officer appointment Announcement 

The Board of Kind Consumer Ltd announce that Mr Alan Sutherland has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer of Kind Consumer Holdings Ltd effective January 1st 2019.

Alan has had a very successful career in Gillette and Proctor and Gamble in marketing and general management positions in Europe and globally before becoming International President of the very successful Dyson Appliances company.

Alan’s extensive marketing experience inclusive of regulated products make his background highly relevant and beneficial for the marketing of Voke in the United Kingdom and globally.

Alan’s background  is in line with the Board’s long held view that as Voke approaches its marketing phase it is appropriate for leadership to have relevant successful marketing experience.

Alan succeeds Mr Paul Triniman who has lead the Company since 2010 and has most recently guided it through the creation of its complex manufacturing capability.

The Board are grateful for the high quality management and exceptional commitment Paul has shown at all times during his tenure.

John M Clarke 


Kind Consumer Ltd