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Helping smokers relieve cravings to cut down, replace or stop smoking.

Licensed by the MHRA

Voke 0.45mg Inhaler features a revolutionary nicotine inhalation system. A patented valve transfers the pressurised, pharmaceutical grade nicotine formulation into the stick.

When you draw and inhale on the stick you'll feel the cool fresh burst at the back of your throat, and the nicotine is rapidly absorbed, reducing your smoking cravings.

What is Voke?

Voke 0.45mg Inhaler is a nicotine inhaler licensed by the Department of Health as a medicine designed to rapidly deliver nicotine in a manner that is familiar to you.

Voke 0.45mg Inhaler is authorised by the UK Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to relieve and/or prevent craving and nicotine withdrawal symptoms and as a safer alternative to smoking for smokers and those around them

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Not an E-cigarette

No heat, no combustion, no vapour

Voke® contains one cigarette-like inhaler stick and one pressurised aluminium aerosol canister (enclosed within the pack) containing 20 charges.

Each charge contains 0.45mg nicotine equivalent to a delivered dose of 0.43mg nicotine, except for the first charge, which delivers less than 0.43 mg (range 0.02 – 0.38 mg) due to the stick design.

It comes in a refill pack containing one stick. Each stick provides a dose of approximately 0.43mg of nicotine, and is able to be refilled 20 times.

For more information, please see Product Information Leaflet and Summary of Product Characteristics here.

How it works

The technology works with a pressurised formulation delivered by a breath-operated valve, delivering pharmaceutical nicotine, resulting in the rapid appearance of nicotine in arterial blood after oral inhalation consistent with pulmonary absorption.

It uses pressure instead of electrical energy to generate a vapour for inhalation.

Mirrors Smoking Experience

Voke 0.45mg Inhaler looks like a cigarette and pack.

Inside the Voke 0.45mg Inhaler stick are a range of engineered components designed with smokers in mind. It has the look and feel of a cigarette so it lets you keep some of the rituals you’re familiar with while helping to control your nicotine cravings.

Safer Alternative

When you use Voke 0.45mg Inhaler, nicotine is released and passes into your body, just like a cigarette but without the harmful chemicals in the smoke.


In comparison with existing unlicensed nicotine delivery devices, the Kind nicotine delivery system has been designed to comply with the relevant medical device and medicinal product regulations.

The technology was evaluated during clinical testing as a regulated medicinal product as well as in a consumer acceptance study.


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